You need to take email archiving more seriously

So, you don’t have an email archive. This might not bother you or you might think that it is not something to trouble yourself about. It’s not like it’s life or death, is it?

Well, not having one could potentially kill your company!

For example, companies based in the United States, operating in breach of email legislation such as the Sarbenes-Oxley Act of 2002 is potentially fatal. Non-compliance can include failing to keep your company records secure or being found to have tampered with important information. This can lead to a business receiving crippling legal fees that could lead to bankruptcy. Directors of a company found to be in breach of email legislation can face up to 20 years in prison too. Imagine spending the best years of life locked away just because you didn’t have archived records of your emails…….

At the same time, litigation cases can be devastating if you don’t have an email archive in place.  An important part of email archiving is eDiscovery, which means having the ability to recover an important document from an email archive efficiently and in one piece. If these documents are found to be corrupted or not secure during the recovery process, it could delay an important lawsuit for an unforeseen amount of time. Delaying any legal case can mean huge fees being levied at your company and cause you to lose a lawsuit altogether. All because you couldn’t find that one important email……

Email archiving might not seem that important on initial inspection, but it could save your company one day. The dangers of not having one are very real and, as with all safety precautions, it’s better to have an email archiver in place before it’s too late!

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