Why Should Employee Email Signatures be Centrally Managed?

The question often arises, “Why should we centrally manage employee email signatures, when they can create their own?”. Although that would be the simple choice, it’s not always the smartest; email signatures can end up looking unprofessional and unorganized.

Giving your employees free rein over their email signatures can often lead to inconsistent branding, or the changing or removal of important elements such as the disclaimer. When organizations send hundreds, or sometimes thousands of emails a day, having a messy email signature can leave a bad impression on the recipient and lose your company credibility.

By centrally managing employees’ email signatures, you can ensure they will always get a consistent, professional email signature on all emails they send. You’re the one in control of what the signature looks like, and you control when it needs changing.

What ways can you centrally manage email signatures?

With most email platforms, IT administrators can create and control users’ email signatures through the admin center. However, this can often be quite difficult to do as it will involve manually implementing complicated transport rules or scripting. There will also be limitations designing signatures this way, such as being unable to edit HTML code or add images.

One way to simplify the management of email signatures is by using a dedicated solution. With a dedicated email signature solution, you don’t have to worry about employees messing with their signature, or figuring out complicated rules and scripts.

Why use a dedicated email signature solution?

An email signature management solution eliminates manual labor, allowing you to easily create and control all employee email signatures. You’ll have full control over who gets what signature, ensuring your organization’s brand stays consistent, and signature elements stay unchanged.

By using a dedicated email signature solution, you also save yourself time and money. Your IT department won’t have to go visit every computer to check signatures have been applied correctly. This means they can spend more time on other important tasks.

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Using Exclaimer to manage corporate email signatures

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