Why is it so easy to create bad emails?

Anyone who has ever set up an email marketing campaign knows that it is very easy to create a bad email. Sending an email is simple as all you need to do is use an ESP, load a list of email addresses, put something in a template and press send. However, do you think other marketing channels are used in such a haphazard fashion? Would a TV ad be handled carelessly or a billboard event hastily assembled? We know what your answer to this will be already….these channels are costlier and so require more effort and attention. Still, does email marketing really need to be an afterthought and treated so badly? Do you ever wonder how much more effective your marketing campaigns would be if you knew how to use the email channel correctly?

Bad email marketing is happens because:

  • It’s easy to put some sort of content in an email template.
  • It’s easy to get email addresses.
  • It’s easy to send an email.
  • It’s easy to send an email over and over again.

It’s a lot harder to:

  • Build a quality data list.
  • Create exciting and visually striking email content.
  • Segment different target audiences.
  • Test your emails thoroughly.
  • Analyze reports and learn from past campaigns.

Being lazy gets emails out the door but being calculated gets customers in the door. If you want to generate revenue for your company, being lazy simply won’t cut it. You need to stand out from all the lazy email marketers who cause inbox clutter, spam complaints, undeliverables and discontented email recipients. If you have obtained explicit consent to email someone, have created an email that has been done well, have a relevant message to shout about and send it in a timely fashion, a recipient will more likely engage with you.

Just because there is so much email marketing that is done badly, it doesn’t mean that your emails should be poor as a result.

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