Why Mail Archiver Beats Exchange Archiving

By now, you should hopefully understand why email archiving is something that all businesses should consider. With this in mind, let us explain the advantages that Exclaimer Mail Archiver offers and the drawbacks presented by just using Exchange archiving on its own.

Note: Exchange archives are also referred to as ‘Personal Archives’ and ‘On-Premise Archives’. Microsoft TechNet has a helpful article to explain the concept.

Exchange requires expensive Client Access Licences (CALs)

Exchange archiving requires Enterprise CALs for every user’s emails that are being archived. Organizations without CALs will have to spend a substantial amount to upgrade their users.It can also be difficult to establish how many CALs are required, both initially and as users leave the organization, move from one part to another or are promoted/reassigned in other ways.

However, Exclaimer Mail Archiver has no such requirement as it’s a single purchase cost with optional support after the first year.

Exchange cannot archive the contents of ‘Public Folders’

Exclaimer Mail Archiver can hold content from public folders as securely and easily as email from Exchange mailboxes.

Exchange archiving lets users delete email from their archive, risking data loss

Users can delete email from their mailboxes, which would mean it was unavailable for intelligence-gathering and record-keeping later. This can be prevented by setting up ‘Legal Hold’ on each personal archive, which can be a labor intensive task.

Exclaimer Mail Archiver can save a copy of every single email the server processes, ensuring no email can be accidentally or purposely removed from the archive.

Exchange archiving is only available when/if the server is available

Exclaimer Mail Archiver can archive email completely separately from the Exchange server. If Exchange is unavailable, users can still search and see their archived email in Mail Archiver’s separate archive stores. If Exchange is unable to communicate with the archive or is inactive for any reason, Exclaimer Mail Archiver can always resume archiving from where it left off, without missing a single message.

Exchange archiving deletes a user’s archive if they’re removed from the Active Directory

Especially in organizations with high staff turnover, Exclaimer Mail Archiver will keep all emails regardless of the original sender or recipient’s status. Even if users leave, their email will remain in the archive.

Email in Exchange archiving is not compressed

Exchange archiving doesn’t apply any compression or de-duplication to its email archives. Each email in the archive will take up just as much space as the equivalent email outside of it. Therefore, Exclaimer Mail Archiver can achieve considerable reductions in storage size because it uses both compression and single-instance storage.

Exchange archiving does not ‘de-dupe’ messages and attachments

Exclaimer Mail Archiver will de-duplicate messages and attached files to minimize the space an archive requires. Only one copy of each message will be kept, even if multiple users had the same message in their mailboxes e.g. one in their inbox, another in their sent items etc. Instead, Exclaimer Mail Archiver will detect that the messages are identical and only save one copy.

Attachments can be handled in the same way, saving just one copy, rather than saving the same file attached to multiple messages each day, such as a company logo image in an email signature or a brochure PDF that sales/customer service send to their contacts. Some IT professionals have reported 50% reductions in the space required when using Mail Archiver, though that may vary depending on size, environment and email usage.

Exchange archiving has limited access from Outlook and Outlook Web Access (OWA)

Exclaimer Mail Archiver lets users search and see their archived email from any web-capable device like a smartphone, tablet, PC, etc.

Exchange archiving cannot guarantee an email store is tamper-proof

Exclaimer understands that organizations require a complete and compliant email history. Exchange archiving has a number of inadequacies that prevent it from being a trustworthy record of email: losing a user’s email when they leave the organization, letting users delete email from the personal archive (by default) etc.

Exclaimer Mail Archiver can:

  • Completely remove any ability for users to tamper with the archive.
  • Hold email long after users leave without any admin tasks.
  • Track any changes the administrator makes to the archiver’s configuration.

It is a complete, compliant, comprehensive archiving solution that also provides a serious reduction in cost and storage requirements when compared to Exchange archiving.

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