What do you use to archive emails?

When you hear the term ‘email archiving solution‘, you probably think it sounds very technical and complicated. Actually, the concept is very easy to understand. An email archiving solution is just a safe area to place an email until it is needed at a later date.

For businesses that don’t use a dedicated archiving solution, emails can be treated very carelessly. Many people have bad habits when it comes to using email simply because online communication has become so commonplace. We send emails out without thinking and we use it as if we were in the same room with the recipient.  Email retention habits are often non-existent as a result.

Do you just save emails to your mobile device? Many of us use mobiles to work on and there is absolutely nothing wrong with this. However, imagine if that email you saved on your smartphone was the only paper copy you have of a document. Would you just stuff it in your pocket?

Is your email saved on a client server? It’s still not completely secure. Using the paper analogy again, imagine that your inbox was spread out all over your desk. How would you find a specific email in all that mess? Every piece of paper represents an email, so sorting through this particular email archive would take a really long time.

Is your email backed up on tape? If so, this tape is then stored for use when it is required. However, storage tapes don’t have the ability to sort email into an easily searchable format. You actually have to ‘run’ the tape in order to recover any email content. This means sifting through all the data on it to find the specific message you’re looking for. You’ve basically taken all the paper off your desk and dumped it in the basement, making it even more difficult to find that one email you need.

Businesses that don’t have an email archiving solution often believe that it is an added cost they can do without or that their current archiving system is good enough. If this applies to your business, you basically need to ask yourself if you would you treat your paper documents the same way that you treat emails!

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