Using Photos in Office 365 Email Signatures

Using employee photos in Office 365 email signatures is a great way to personalize and add a human touch to every email you send. This is particularly popular in the real estate, insurance and legal industries, as there are many customer-facing roles.

A photo in an Office 365 email signature helps to show there is a real person behind the email. Employee photos are also handy if you work in a large organization, or a customer-facing industry, as a way to put a face to a name.

Office 365 email signature with a photo image.

Adding user photos to signatures in Office 365

Unfortunately, the ability to add user photos to Office 365 email signatures manually is not possible as Office 365 is unable to pull user photos from the Office 365 Directory. That’s where Exclaimer comes in.

Exclaimer Cloud – Signatures for Office 365 comes with the ability to add photos for each Office 365 user directly into their email signature, making the process much more simple and automated.

Uploading photos into Exclaimer Cloud - Signatures for Office 365.

How does it work?

With Exclaimer Cloud – Signatures for Office 365, you can upload users’ photos directly into the solution for each Office 365 user. All you need to do is add the photo element into the signature, and the correct photo will automatically show for each user. If you haven’t uploaded a photo for a certain user, the photo element will be hidden by default.

Photo element in the Office 365 signature editor.

Watch the walk through video below to see how the feature works:


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