Use email and social media together


As we have mentioned in previous posts, reports of the death of email have been greatly exaggerated. 75% of adults under the age of 65 prefer companies to communicate with them through email. Some studies show that you can reach up to a 4000% ROI on email marketing campaigns, so email is not disappearing any time soon.

However, you probably have heard about a small thing called “social media”.  Marketers are frequently being told this is where all the action is and all efforts should be focused there. There’s no doubt that social media has caused a relative decline in email usage, but it is also very clear that emails still lead to more and higher value purchases than social media.

So, why wouldn’t you use email and social media together for your marketing purposes? When you combine the two , you’re looking at achieving a greater ROI overall.  In other words, you need to socialize your emails by incorporating social media tactics to increase the value of your email marketing campaigns. This is a great way to get new subscribers to your email newsletters and to get new fans to connect with your various social media profiles.

Another benefit is that it enables actual interaction between your organization and your customers/prospects. It makes social media more valuable through email. By making it easier for your readers to share your email and its content, you are giving them more ways to interact with your brand.

So where do you start? Take a look at some of these tactics below:

  • Have clear calls-to-action on all emails sent. Include links to all of your social media sites and another link to forward the email on to someone else. For a standard email, this should appear in your email signature. For email marketing communications, these can be added at the top, bottom or side of the email. You need to make it easy for readers to connect with you through social media and give them the option to share your email.
  • Why not get readers to share your emails over social media? This gives them the tools to promote your brand for you.  Your message ends up in the online sphere, potentially reaching thousands of other social media users who have no current relationship with your organization. You’re basically getting your readers to provide your business with free advertising.
  • Make it clear what will happen when a reader clicks on your social media icons. Are they going to share content via their own profiles? Or are you asking them to connect with your networks?
  • Include social media connection icons  in your post-subscription thank you and unsubscribe pages.
  • Provide more precise engagement for your readers. Give them the option to read a specific piece of content on Facebook or Google+ page. Send them a specific Tweet on your Twitter feed and encourage them to comment and engage with your content.
  • There’s no harm in sending out a social media specific email to your subscribers to let them know how they can share your emails and its content. Once you start getting social shares through email, you can use analytics to identify the most prolific sharers and what tools they are using. Once you’ve identified these users, you can create a specific marketing list so you can send social media emails to them, increasing engagement with your content. Then,  you can branch out with your marketing by conducting activities like social media competition. All the time, you are increasing the engagement of your followers and making them build more of a rapport with your brand.

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