10 ways to use email signatures for marketing

Did you know that the email signature is a free marketing tool that many companies forget to use? Why is this the case?

Your organization sends out thousands of emails every day. Email is a critical communication mechanism for every business on the planet, to the point where some companies will only communicate with customers through email. By the end of 2016, it is predicted that global business email volumes will rise to 143.8 billion per day. This means that you can take your corporate emails to the next level by updating email signatures to reflect the marketing campaigns that you are currently running. Email signatures are the ideal avenue to spread brand awareness and nurture prospective customers with personalized messages.

So, what exactly should you be doing with your email signature?

Promote your website and link to your homepage

Every email signature should at least have a link to your company’s website. All recipients that receive your emails will already be online, so this will encourage them to visit your site. It is also a great way to increase awareness of your brand and let them learn more about what you do. You’d be surprised at how effective this is.

Link to your social media profiles

Social media has changed the rules of marketing. Customers and clients now expect to have vibrant and rich discussions with companies that they work with. If your organization is active on social media, add links to these profiles in your email signature. Not all of your customers or employees will know about your Facebook page or how much your Twitter account is used.

By having social media links on all email signatures, you’re offering your target market another avenue to continue your business relationship outside of traditional communication channels.

Get people to visit your corporate blog

Now, this is only effective if your company has a blog that is updated on a regular basis. Your recipients will be thinking about you when they read your email, so, as with social media, email signatures are a great place to introduce them to your blog. Fresh content is more engaging that a static homepage and will retain the attention of the reader for much longer.

Email signatures can even include an RSS feed, which will show the title of your most recent blog post and automatically update every time a new article is published. This means that you are not only providing new content on a regular basis, you are promoting it to the right target audience through a low-cost, yet high-volume marketing channel.

Shout about new content your company has created

We wrote the Official Email Signatures for Dummies guide, so it is understandable that we want to let us many people know about this as possible. Have you written a book? Had a white paper published? Share a link to the content in your email signature to build credibility and authority with the recipients you communicate with. You can do this either via a plain text link or a promotional email signature banner. Either way, you will be turning your emails into a valuable lead generation tool that will mean your content is viewed by more people.

Highlight events you’re going to be at

Are you going to an event? Are you going to be exhibiting at a tradeshow? Talking at a conference? Using a promotional banner in your email signature ensures that your organization’s most important contacts stay in the know and spread the word about the event. It may even help you generate more registrants, but it will definitely gain more awareness among your target audience.

Tell people about special promotions and latest offerings

Use your email signature to highlight your latest promotions. If you are running a seasonal offer, use your signature to shout about it to drive more interest. Or, you could highlight that you offer free trials of your products, announce new solutions, showcase a recent award you’ve won………..there are so many different possibilities when you sit down and think about them.

You can have a number of campaigns running at any given time, with different marketing messages being delivered to different segments of your email contacts. Also, if you are using a dedicated email signature solution, you can use date-based rules to add a banner for an upcoming promotion or event, then automatically remove/update it where needed.

Showcase your case studies

Case studies are an important stamp of approval, especially when talking to potential customers. By showing them how your current customers feel about your products/solutions, it will make them more interested in what you have to offer. You could use a customer quote or show the increase in ROI that another customer has attained since they started working with you.

Give away something for free

Ask anyone and they’ll usually say that they love getting something for nothing. Something like a free book, online tool or a free software download will engage users, create leads for your company and get them more interested in your product or service.

Offer free trials of your product/service

When you offer a free trial of your product and service, creating a link or banner in your email signature is one of the most effective ways to increase download numbers. The more people that download, the more likely it is that a number of these will become paying customers. You can even offer free consultations and demonstrations that can be promoted via the email signature channel.

Show video content

While we would never recommend that you add a video to your email signature (it is possible in some cases, but you should actively avoid doing this), you can still add links that direct recipients to a corporate video or product demonstration. This is simply another avenue for people to find out more about what your company does so that you stay in the forefront of their mind.

For more great tips on how to turn your email signature into a valuable marketing asset, check out our official Email Signatures for Dummies guide and order your free copy today. Also, check out our video below that shows the value of using effective email signatures for marketing purposes.