The Top 3 Key Email Archiving Trends

It’s surprising that many businesses still aren’t archiving their email communications. Can you identify with the following email archiving trends?

Most organizations are at risk of data loss

At the moment, only one third of organizations are fully protected against data loss. This data tends to be information that they have to retain for compliance purposes. Some companies only implement policies that stop employees deleting vital data, rather than having systems in place to protect content in the event of data loss.

Archiving is desirable, but not essential

Many businesses understand that archiving emails is sensible. However, a much smaller number are actually doing it. For those that purchase a dedicated email archiving solution, it still seems that on-premise email archiving solutions are still preferred over cloud-based ones. This is likely to change over the next 5-10 years.

Some organizations do not have an official email retention policy

Compliance legislation continues to increase across all industries, but more than one quarter of all organisations still have not set out an adequate email retention policy. You would think that the growing body of statutory regulations and laws regarding the secure storage of email communications would be important to them, especially when it comes to data compliance.

Of the other 75% of organizations that have some form of email retention policy, only two thirds believe that their employees even know of it.

Can you identify with any of these trends? Do you think that you need to start thinking about email archiving? It is better to start now before it is too late and you realize that you needed an archiver all along.

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