The Importance of Email Signature Social Media Icons

Social media has become a huge part of everyday life, with over 1.59 billion active users on Facebook and over 320 million users on Twitter. Many companies are now using social media as a way to communicate with their customers. This includes sharing recent news or connecting with customers outside usual business practice. Therefore, social media is quickly becoming a vital marketing channel for many organizations.

Email signature social media icons discreetly asking your contact to follow your company on social media without actually asking directly. Therefore, it becomes easier to increase your social followers without running complex marketing campaigns.


Email signature social media icons


Your customers and partners are much more likely to follow and engage with your social media channels. By incorporating social media icons in a signature template, you’re adding an extra way for them to connect with you.

Email signature social media icons are a guaranteed way to increase followers, which will in-turn increase activity on your pages. This means they work much better than paid advertising or direct advertising, as you are directly targeting existing customers for free.

By using social media icons, you will increase your social presence and engagement with customers, encourage more people to follow you, and send traffic to your website. Above all, this will help to increase your SEO rankings, and ultimately grow your customer base.


How Exclaimer Cloud Can Help

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