The importance of email archiving with BYOD

As mobile usage becomes ever more popular, many business have embraced the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) working trend. Many experts agree businesses that have already embraced the BYOD movement have all seen a notable rise in productivity. It makes perfect sense to let employees use devices they are familiar with at work, but there are often concerns around whether these smartphones and tablets will compromise the security of an organization’s network. By using an email archiving solution, you can bring real benefit to the mobile workplace and still ensure that network security is thoroughly maintained.

Increased business storage

BYOD clearly encourages users to increase their levels of email communication. You only need to think about the amount of people you see a day answering messages on their smartphones to see that this is the case. As a result, a working day for many employees is more likely to start earlier in the morning and end later in the evening. This means that your email server needs more storage to cope with the demands of all of this increased communication. An email archiver can easily relieve the stress on your server by storing all emails that pass through it.

Increased security

One of the main risks inherent in having a BYOD policy is over unsecure mobile devices and risk of failure or theft. Email archiving provides you with the added security of knowing all emails will be backed up in a central, secure store.

Increased access

An email archiving system is independent from your other devices. This means you can maintain access to the archive no matter what machine you choose to access it from. If a mobile device fails or is upgraded, you won’t lose access to the emails. This also means that employees with multiple devices have access to their emails all the time.

Bringing a new smartphone or tablet onto your network can increase your risk of data leakage, especially via email. With an email archiving solution, this can be easily be prevented. Archiving all email communications securely, including the increased number of emails from employees using their mobile devices, means your data is completely secure at all times.

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