The Evolving Role of Email Signatures in the Modern Workspace

Your email signature serves so many purposes beyond an obligatory corporate conclusion to an email. Think of it as your business card, legal defence document, marketing tool, and customer service assistant wrapped into one convenient digital bundle.

With so many potential benefits, it’s surprising why some businesses relegate email signatures to nothing more than an inconvenient necessity.

However, more ambitious companies recognize the importance of email signatures. They use them for everything from marketing growth to customer satisfaction and an improved user experience. Even more so in the wake of a game-changing year that has redefined the modern workspace.

With that said, let’s take a look at the changing role of email signatures and how you can make the most of yours in the ever-changing modern workspace.

Changing the User Experience

Email signatures not only have the potential to make customers’ lives easier. They can do so for employees tasked with contacting clients directly.

A professional email signature can be personalized to give recipients access to important contact details and marketing information. All in one stylish and professional space.

For example, for customer-facing employees, an email signature should have clearly identifiable assets, like links to any relevant customer service information or FAQ pages. This helps recipients quickly and easily find what they need.

In an increasingly remote and flexible modern workspace, email signatures also need to be optimized for mobile devices. It may look professional on a desktop, but with 46 percent of all emails being read on mobile phones, consideration should be given to wider formatting requirements. What you don’t want is customers or clients receiving a squashed signature with distorted images and overlapping text.

Working from home policies have thrown a spanner in the works for traditional business operations. A move away from desktops to laptops and mobile devices means email signatures must be consistent across all email clients. This allows for delivery of the UX benefits of email signatures on all devices.

A Space for Self-Promotion

From a marketing perspective, email signatures have always represented cost-effective real estate for showing off company credentials and even advertising opportunities.

Traditionally, email signatures are used for some added self-promotion. This is usually by linking to an organization’s social media pages. Now, it can be used for so much more.

E-commerce professionals can embed promotional banners to entice potential customers to browse stock. Similarly, technology vendors can advertise services and software updates to drive conversions.

In addition to flexing your commercial muscles, the email signature space opens the door for real-world change.

More firms are using this space to highlight their corporate social responsibility (CSR) credentials. For example, standing in solidarity with righteous causes or promoting charity partners.

Whether it be calling out the company’s environmental policies or including links to fundraisers for charitable causes, we are seeing more businesses pushing the boundaries when it comes to maximizing the potential of their email signature space.

And those who do so successfully will reap the rewards of improved brand reputation among today’s eco-conscious customers.

A Customer Service Asset

As a business, it can be challenging to gauge the ongoing impression your clientele has of your offering. Similarly, it can be just as difficult for customer service representatives to gather tangible feedback on the user experience.

With the pandemic making face-to-face contact all but impossible, the demand for personalization in customer service means it now needs to be delivered in new ways.

So, customer service feedback is more vital than ever, not only for growth, but to shape your future offering. One of the most effective ways to do this is by integrating a simple feedback system into your email signature.

Tools like Exclaimer’s 1 click signature surveys integration with Customer Thermometer, integrated customer feedback boxes and simple traffic-light performance indicators will become more common as remote working continues to take hold globally.

These allow businesses to track the user experience so they know where to focus their efforts going forward.

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