The email user and email archiving

When you use email, your primary focus is on the messages you can see right now in your inbox . So, you use email in a very transactional way. You receive email, you read it, you action it, you reply, you delete it or you put it some place in your folder hierarchy in case you need it in the future. Over time, your mailbox grows and grows, making it harder to find that critical email from six months ago.

Searching Outlook/Exchange is slow and unnatural because it is peripheral to the hierarchical list based presentation necessary for transactional operation. When you’re looking for email, what you need is a Google like interface that takes you straight to the email you’re looking for. Usually, this is about refinement – you start off searching for an email from somebody. Then, you discover they’ve sent you a few hundred in the last year, so you remember that they sent it in April, getting you down to 40 or 50 and then you remember some keyword that uniquely defines the conversation.

In order for this process to operate efficiently, you need rapid searching across every email you ever sent or received and an interface dedicated to search refinement. Outlook doesn’t give you that. If you have an extensive set of folders for organizing your email, you’ll have to remember the folder you put the email in or face a long wait as Outlook looks through every folder in your mailbox.

What happens if you deleted the email? There’s no way Outlook will find that. An email archive is a secure resource for the end user. Rapid, search-based access to everything they ever sent or received from any browser anywhere in the world even once they’ve deleted it.

Plus, you don’t need to worry about email being in two places. There are two fundamentally different modes of operation: transactional and search. When you’re in transactional mode, you’re reading and replying to incoming email. When you’re in search mode, you’re looking for something. In fact, trying to combine these two modes in Outlook often leads to confusion.

Some of our competitors try to integrate with Outlook based upon the notion that integration is desirable. Seamless integration isn’t possible because, if it were, archiving wouldn’t be necessary.

So, Exclaimer Mail Archiver adds significant advantages for the end user:

  • A search interface dedicated to finding the email you need in seconds from any device, anywhere.
  • The ability to easily search and refine by sender, recipients, subject, keywords, date ranges and more.
  • ‘Two click’ restore to mailbox functionality when you need to action the email you find.
  • The ability to maintain a single inbox for transactional email safe in the knowledge that you’ll be able to find everything else, including the mails you’ve deleted, in seconds.

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