The Top 4 Benefits of Email Signatures

Think about the amount of external emails that your company sends out a day. Emails that go to customers, potential clients, important contacts, shareholders and so forth. What do these emails say about your business?

A professional email needs to not only be well written and proofread for spelling or grammatical errors, but also needs to look the part and showcase your brand. Without a professional email signature, you might as well be sending recipients scrunched up pieces of paper!

Below are the main benefits of email signatures, and why they are so important to companies of all shapes and sizes.

1. Conveying professionalism

Any email that reaches someone who is not part of your company gives an immediate representation of what you stand for. Having an email signature accompanied by your company logo and contact details makes you look legitimate as a corporate organization and helps to build brand recognition among your contacts.

2. Protection from legal issues

If you don’t use an email signature with an appropriate legal disclaimer, you very well be breaking the law. For example, if you are a registered limited company in the UK, the law dictates that you must include your company registration number, registered address and, if required, a VAT number. This is not negotiable and other countries within the EU and North America have similar laws.

A disclaimer also adds another level of legal protection so you can add elements like copyright or trademark notices to every email. Disclaimers are designed as a way of protecting companies in an era of digital communication, so don’t think adding one is just a chore.

3. Another marketing channel

Email signatures are the perfect channel to promote special offers or big news you want to share with a large audience. Adding a simple banner to your current signature will provide you with a multitude of marketing opportunities at very little cost. If thousands of emails leave your company a day, then that’s thousands of people you can promote to without having to use avenues like email marketing or digital advertising.

4. People can easily contact you back

This is a point that can often gets missed. Having all of your company contact details listed at the bottom of your email, presented in a clear and concise fashion, makes it easier for email recipients to contact you. They won’t have to trawl through your website or search online for your phone number. Also, if you add links to your social media pages, you can increase the number of Followers and Likes you receive.

Check our Email Signatures for Dummies Guide below and find our why email signatures should never be overlooked.

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