The 7Cs Framework of Email Signature Marketing: Part 3

In Part 2 of our series on the 7Cs Framework of Email Signature Marketing, we looked at using certification images to showcase your credibility, adding links to your social media accounts, and using display banner as part of an integrated campaign. This final part will look at the final two elements of email signature marketing to complete the framework.

Collect customer insight

Email signature marketing - surveyAll companies want feedback from their customers. It’s the main way to improve what they have to offer. However, getting said feedback can be difficult. Our customers’ time is limited, and they don’t want to fill out surveys with lots of questions.

If you persistently ask for this feedback, you’ll only alienate them to the point where they may no longer want to do business with you. After all, what’s in it for them?

You’ll have more success getting feedback if customers know they can do it quickly and their time won’t be wasted. One of the simplest ways to get this insight is to add a simple survey in your corporate email signature.

All you need to do is add some one-click feedback buttons to your signature design. That’s it! Each button is assigned a link to measure the level of customer satisfaction i.e. good, average, and bad. These buttons are then represented with universal icons like smileys or stars so they can easily be understood by anyone.

These buttons can then be used to direct customers to different landing pages, allowing them to add further comments should they wish. You’ve then created a dedicated email signature survey with very little effort.

As with all other email signature elements, you’ll want to make sure that these survey buttons aren’t too large and distract from the content of the email. You’ll want them to be unobtrusive, yet noticeable enough that people will want to click on them.

Comply with email law

Email signature marketing - email disclaimerWe know the email disclaimer is the least exciting part of a signature and often elicits groans when mentioned. After all, disclaimers can really look unpleasant especially if they are too lengthy.

Now, you might be asking what an email disclaimer has to do with marketing. Well, disclaimers are still really important even if they are a holdover from the early days of email. They are a matter of lawful and safe operation for many organizations. As with other regulations that impact marketing efforts, you need to be aware of what laws might affect your company.

The specific content of any disclaimer will vary according to where your emails are going and when. Sections of each disclaimer may require a level of personalization such as the actual sender’s name in order to fully comply with certain rules.

If you work in the healthcare industry in the US, for example, you’ll be very aware of HIPAA. This has very specific rules around the use of email disclaimers that must be followed for all patient email communications. There can be no exceptions!

As best practice, it’s always best to place the disclaimer somewhat apart from the rest of the signature, pretty much after the logo and display banner. Also, it is highly recommended that the disclaimer font is small. No one wants their email completely taken over with a massive block of text.

For more information on the importance of email disclaimers, check out our webinar below:


It’s important to note that email signatures can play a big marketing role, but only if they’re used correctly. By employing effective email signatures on all your outgoing corporate email, you will harness the power of a great marketing channel. It’s targeted, valued, trusted, high-volume and continuous.

  • You can use email signatures to target relevant people and at a relevant time – when they’re reading your email.
  • Make your email signature is as consistently on-brand as all your other marketing communications.
  • Make sure the contact details you give out in your email signature are up-to-date and correct. Tell people who you are, what you do, and how to get in touch with you.
  • Showcase the credibility of your company through the use of certifications and important award wins.
  • Link your social media accounts to your email signatures and easily promote your latest content to people reading your messages.
  • Include a display banner in your email signature to promote your key campaigns, events and tactical offers.
  • Quickly gain customer insight by using one-click feedback buttons.
  • And make sure your email is legal. Use the right email disclaimers for your location and sector.

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