The 17 Email Archiving DOs and DON’Ts – Part 1

At Exclaimer, we understand how important email archiving is in modern business. Organizations don’t always remember that email archiving is more than just email storage for the sake of record keeping and compliance.

Following our 17 Email Signature DOs and DON’Ts series, we have decided to do one focusing on email archiving.  We will be posting regular tips over the next few weeks to help you understand the importance of why proper email archiving is so important. Also, check out our introduction to email archiving, why it is important and how it benefits your business.

DO understand the ‘true’ meaning of email archiving
An email archive is a repository generally kept in a non-productive environment to securely preserve emails for compliance and operational purposes. A ‘true’ email archiving system automatically extracts message contents and attachments from incoming/outgoing emails and after indexing, it stores them in read-only format. This ensures that archived records are maintained in their original state.

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