Template Editor v2.0.1 released

We have just released  Template Editor version 2.0.1 to the Exclaimer website.

Download updated version

Fixed Issues
  • If a {Conditional Field} is inside a {List of Fields} its values are lost when going back to the editor.
  • When pasting an image from a template from a previous version, the SRC path in Properties is incorrect.
  • {Rotating Banner Ad} “Filter” property is respected in Preview, but not in the Policy Tester or processed messages.
  • Exception thrown when trying to edit a template that contains an invalid path to an image.
  • Smart Table Text Properties not taking effect.
  • Exception thrown when attempting to set the Webpage field to a static URL in a contact block.
  • Exception thrown when saving a template that has “Other AD fields” in a “Conditional Field”.
  • Exception thrown when opening an upgraded template that was originally created in Auto Responder version 1.0 where the template contains Sender or Recipient AD fields.
  • Characters with umlauts or accents are not displayed correctly in Custom Hyperlink in Rich Text.
  • Unable to close error dialog when previewing plain text templates when a file referenced in the template cannot be found.
  • You cannot drag and drop template fields onto an HTML template from the fields menu on the left of the template editor.
  • Field formatting is not applied for fields in the “Text to display” field of a custom hyperlink in an RTF template.