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Improve Employee Engagement With Internal Email Signatures

Constant communication within an organization is necessary to ensure all employees know important business goals, company news, […]

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Email Signature Block is Legally Binding According to UK Court Ruling

Think that an email signature block has no legal basis? Well, news from the UK might make…

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Why Upgrade to Exclaimer Cloud?

Upgrading from Exclaimer Signature Manager to Exclaimer Cloud is an easy choice to make. Here are just…

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Why Should Employee Email Signatures be Centrally Managed?

The question often arises, “Why should we centrally manage employee email signatures, when they can create their…

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Should You Include Certifications in Email Signatures?

Certifications of any kind are a great achievement and often something you’ll want to your contacts to…

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Why Email Signatures are Integral to a Company’s Brand

A company’s brand is its identifier; a logo can symbolize who a company is and what it…

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Should You Include an Email Address in Email Signatures?

A common question when deciding what to include in an email signature is whether or not to…

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Are You Tracking Link Clicks in Email Signatures?

Email signatures are great for driving traffic to your website and social media channels. This is through…

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Email Signature Tips for Students and Graduates

For students who are approaching the end of their degrees, or those who already have, and are…

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