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Email Disclaimers: Do They Still Matter?

The email landscape is very different to what it was at the start of the 21st century. […]

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Do You Know About Different Email Marketing Laws?

Tremendous amounts of emails are sent out globally every day. The ability to market to individuals through…

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International Email Disclaimer Law

Finishing off our series on email disclaimer laws, we wanted to highlight one important law that applies…

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Email Disclaimer Laws in the EU

As you read this, you still might be thinking that email disclaimers seem a bit pointless. There…

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Email Disclaimer Laws in the United Kingdom

Continuing our look at email disclaimer laws around the world, today we are looking at the United…

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Email Disclaimer Laws in Canada

Last week, we looked at the various email disclaimers that are in place in the United States.…

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Email Disclaimer Laws for the USA – Part 2

Yesterday, we started to look at some of the email disclaimer laws that are used in the…

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Email Disclaimer Laws for the USA – Part 1

Many advanced markets have regulations in place that require businesses to add disclaimers to their emails whether…

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The Role of an IT Department With eDiscovery

eDiscovery is now such an important part of regulatory compliance that it no longer can just be…


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