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List Building: Be Careful When Building Email Marketing Lists

A customer purchasing a product or service from your business does not mean that they have necessarily given you permission to send them ongoing email communications. However, many businesses insist on adding details to their email lists based on implied consent, rather than getting a customer to explicitly say they are happy to receive your marketing.

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How to Improve Your Company’s Email Security

Of all the resources businesses use to communicate with, email is the one that causes more data…

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Improve Employee Engagement With Internal Email Signatures

Constant communication within an organization is necessary to ensure all employees know important business goals, company news,…

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Be Careful With Your Work Email Usage

This year has, so far, seen a couple of email scandals hit the headlines. On 16th April,…

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4 Simple Email Productivity Tips

In order to get the most out of this communication tool, an effective email management system helps…

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Easily Implement Cheap Email Archiving

Email archiving is an important practice that every business has to deal with at some point. As…

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6 Top Tips for Creating an Email Retention Policy

As emails are important documents, retention is a vital business function. An email archiving solution can help…

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5 Tips to Organize Emails Effectively

It is staggering how many emails are sent worldwide every day. Whether they are personal or business,…

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Be Careful Who You BCC: In Your Emails

"To:, CC, BCC" - fields that are used in all emails. In case you aren't aware of…

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