Strengthen client relationships with email marketing

If you work for any organization, email marketing still remains an important part of a digital marketing strategy. In essence, it can make or break your relationship with customers, so you need to ensure that you are sending the right messages in a timely fashion.

Follow the tips below to create a loyal customer base and to avoid your messages ending up in their spam folders:

Find out who your most loyal relationships are with
When clients start working with you, always acknowledge their support. Consider tracking specific client behavior to see how engaged a business partner is with you.

Are they early adapters of your new products and services? Do they actively promote your organization? How do else do they interact with you e.g. social media? Knowing this means you can measure the progress of your automated marketing tools and if you are providing the right content.

Reward this loyalty
When you know who your loyal customers are, reward their behavior. Implement something like a points system that offers discounts or complimentary services for a certain amount of interaction with your social media profiles or website. You can also reward clients for providing you with referrals, sales leads or encouraging other business to check you out.

Ask for direct feedback
In addition to monitoring  customers’ replies and interactions with you, ask them periodically for their opinion on the products and/or services you offer so you can customize the promotions and content you offer them. This will inevitably increase customer engagement.

Provide personalized content
Show your customers you care about their needs by personalizing messages and including their names in an email’s call to action. Also, consider sending emails from an address that includes a first and last name, rather than a generic “sales@” or “marketing@” e.g.