Showcase Festive Offers with Christmas Email Signatures

Is your company planning on running a special offer over the holiday period? Hosting a festive event? Releasing a new product? Use Christmas email signatures to promote your seasonal campaigns!


You can showcase your festive offers by using promotional banners in your Christmas email signatures. Promotional banners are a great way to drive more interest and add a festive feel to every email you send.


You can use promotional banners for all sorts of marketing campaigns, and with the holiday season shortly approaching you can also design the banner with a Christmas theme.


Once the Christmas season is over and your offers have expired, remember to remove the banner and update your email signature with your newest campaign. You’d be surprised at the amount of people who forget to update their signature!

For a quick and easy way to add promotional banners to all of your users’ email signatures, use a dedicated email signature management solution from Exclaimer. We have products for Exchange, Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365), and G Suite that allow you to centrally manage all users’ signatures and add a different promotional banner for each department.

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