Setting up a long-term email archiving strategy

Deciding to setup some form of email archiving often seems like a really big decision to make. However, once you have chosen your email archiver, the whole process becomes relatively straightforward to get up and running. The areas you will need to focus on are preparing how emails will be archived and adopting a new email archiving strategy.

Once you have made the decision to start email archiving, ensure that you adjust your email policy to include the archiving of all email information. For example, include things like sent and received email, attachments and metadata. Remove your deletion and back up policies as your archiver will take care of this.

Make sure that all employees are aware of the change to your email policy and that email archiving will now be taking place at your company. They will need to know why this measure is being taken, including relevant compliance and security reasons, and how this may affect their email activity.

All backups of emails should be restored for inclusion in the new archive so that you have a comprehensive catalog of emails.

When you have purchased your archiver, the migration process will be pretty simple and your new archive should be running quickly. You might want to get staff acquainted with the new interfaces and the email archiving process. Departments like IT will need to know about certain features of the archive for eDiscovery purposes.

Also, it is good practice to carry out checks and assessments to confirm that all email data has been successfully migrated to the archive store and all features are running correctly.

If the email archiver is working correctly, then you don’t need to do anything else. The archive store will work constantly in the background requiring a minimum of maintenance. If any new email regulations come into effect, you may need to adjust how you archive emails, but the archiver should do what it is expected to do.

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