6 Questions To Ask Before An Email Campaign

Before you start creating an all-encompassing email marketing campaign, take a step back and ask yourself the following questions:

Who is this is meant for?

Get an idea of what type of problems you are looking to solve with your email.

  • Are you offering people a solution?
  • What does your customer base expect from you?
  • Why would they even read your email?
  • Are you sending this to a particular type of contact such as an IT administrator or a marketer?

How should they be spoken to?

Often the answer to this question is – as simply as possible. You don’t need to use complex words and abstract language just because you are dealing with business people. Also, people rarely react positively if the tone in the message is cold. Sometimes, a more casual approach can be more effective so that your content can be read and understood quickly. Try and avoid using the specialized language of your business and ‘buzz words’ as you are then assuming that everyone who gets the email will understand what you are saying.

Why do they need my product or service?

Never just say what it is your product or service does. The only question that will be in the recipient’s mind is “What’s in it for me?” Explain clearly how you can help them achieve what they want, solve problems etc.

Why do they need this now?

You need a reason as to why you are sending this particular email now. If it is down to the time of year, e.g. Christmas, or you have the solution to a problem that has arisen, you are more likely to get a response from recipients.

Why should they buy my product or service now?

This goes back to the previous answer by adding reasons why it is a good idea to make a timely decision. You could be offering a limited time discount or doing something that is focused on a seasonal promotion. Make sure you emphasize why the recipient needs the product so that they will more likely make a quicker purchase.

Have I told them what to do and given a clear call-t0-action?

Adding a simple instruction such as “Click here for more details” or “Click here to download” makes it more likely that the recipient will take such an action. Sometimes, you need to tell the recipient what it is you expect of them rather than assume they will know what you want them to do.

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