Protect your organization from unprofessional emails

When you consider how many emails are sent out by your organization every day, it can be difficult to imagine that any one of these could have a damaging effect on your company. In reality, anything from a typographical error, grammatical mistake or a spam attack can have potentially devastating consequences.

Common errors
Mishaps that occur often are communication miscues such as typos or grammatical errors. This can make the sender and your business seem careless and unprofessional, which we have discussed previously when talking about the need for an organizational email policy. It is important that employees spell-check and proofread all external correspondence before they hit send. Tell them to avoid sending rushed emails via a mobile device unless they have the time to properly read all content carefully. Set up a company wide email signature that consistently includes your company’s branding and necessary legal disclaimer. By taking these simple steps, you can protect your professional image and reputation.

Errors you need to catch
In the event of an email security breach, all your contacts and your reputation could be used to pawn scams. You need to make sure you have powerful anti-spam and anti-phishing software in place to block spam and phishing attacks. If your spam filter makes use of greylisting, it will also block viruses sent from infected ‘zombie’ machines. Imagine the damage if someone were to send a malicious email to your customer base impersonating your company.

The worst error
We can’t state how important it is to prevent your employees from sending unpleasant and rude emails to fellow co-workers or customers. This type of malicious email can cause serious damage to your company’s reputation by presenting the appearance that your workplace is out of control where employees have no respect for each other. In addition to talking to your employees about not sending hot headed emails, installing an email content filter will make sure that emails with inappropriate language will be blocked before they are delivered.

When it comes to electronic communications, diligence is very important. One simple click of a send button can have far-reaching consequences, so make sure that you have everything in place to protect your company.

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