Prepare for eDiscovery with email archiving

eDiscovery is something that nearly all organizations need to be prepared for. Without a robust email archiving solution in place, a business cannot be prepared to face any possible litigation with the various challenges it might entail. Sifting through unimportant data is costly and may leave the company vulnerable to fines and sanctions levied by judges who are intolerant of poor eDiscovery responses.

The most successful eDiscovery responses always come from companies that are well prepared. They implement record management via email archiving solutions to cover any eventualities, as well as ensuring they meet compliance regulations. Through the practice of archiving emails, the valuable data contained within messages is easily accessible, instead of hidden in a user’s mailbox.

Without a solution, coupled with the presence of mailbox quotas, employees can often feel pressured to delete email that may actually need archiving. The onus needs to be taken off the employee to ensure all mandates are met. Email archiving will also boost the productivity of the workforce by cutting the time spent on email management.

Introducing Exclaimer Mail Archiver, our intelligently priced and award-winning email archiving software for Microsoft Exchange.

Mail Archiver provides the simplest and lowest cost archiving solution on the market, easily scalable for your organization’s requirements. It gives you all the power and flexibility that your company needs, but costs up to 60% less than anything else on the market.

Using Exchange journaling, the software doesn’t require a SQL server or other third party solutions, lets you store your email archive to any location that can hold files, allows users to search for any email from Outlook or any device with a web browser and so much more!

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