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Nick Cavalancia MVP
Nick Cavalancia
Microsoft Cloud and Datacenter MVP
Bradley Shepard Exclaimer
Bradley Shepard
Product Owner at Exclaimer

Title: How to Painlessly Deliver and Scale Company Email Signatures
Date: Wednesday, December 1
Time: 11:00 PDT / 14:00 EDT

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Controlling email signatures is a repetitive, although essential, task for any IT administrator. After all, every organization always has to deal with the same issues when it comes to email signature updates. What starts out as a simply DIY task soon becomes completely uncontrollable as IT tries to meet the email signature needs of different stakeholders.

And as the company grows, the more difficult this task becomes.  You then add in cloud platforms like Office 365 (now Microsoft 365), and it feels like IT has even less control over email signatures than ever before!

So, how do you address your organization’s growing (and evolving) email signature needs without making it a full-time job? Do you really want to spend precious time carrying out a very tedious task that should be relatively simple?

Join Microsoft Cloud and Datacenter MVP Nick Cavalancia, along with Bradley Shepard, Product Owner at Exclaimer, as they discuss:

  • The problem with email signature updates and how they involve a lot more than just having a standard format!
  • The various practical methods that are available to standardize email signatures
  • The different ways to use email signatures beyond just providing simple contact details (and the impact on how you implement them)

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