New Exclaimer Cloud Outlook Add-in from the Most Secure Email Signature Solution Provider

As the world’s first and most secure email signature solution provider, we’re really excited to announce the Exclaimer Cloud Outlook Add-in for Outlook on the web (OWA) and Outlook desktop, available as part of our Early Access Program. This program lets Exclaimer Cloud customers get hands-on experience with new product features and provide important feedback prior to their full release.

Exclaimer Cloud Outlook Add-in

At Exclaimer, we pride ourselves on the fact that we offer the most powerful and secure email signature management solutions on the market. From consistently outstanding scores on SecurityScorecard, resilient security and robust infrastructure powered by Microsoft Azure, to accreditations such as the ISO/IEC 27001 Certification, Exclaimer Cloud offers the most comprehensive email signature management experience.

This new Outlook Add-in joins an already extensive client-side capability allowing users to easily choose their email signatures as they compose a message. That’s across Outlook for Windows, macOS, and OWA; functionality not available from any other provider. This offers customers more choice when it comes to email signature deployment, providing a multitude of options that best fit a company’s circumstances.

Exclaimer Cloud has had the ability to deploy signatures at the client-level for a number of years via our Signature Update Agent. This new Outlook Add-in enriches what we currently offer by adding signatures directly into an email in real time without any additional installations.

This means users can actually see all of the signature templates assigned to them via a drop-down menu, providing users with a more “visual” experience when it comes to choosing which template is appropriate for which email conversation. From default signature templates to separate reply signatures, users get a seamless email signature experience across all platforms.

Working directly with Microsoft’s latest API, the Exclaimer Cloud Outlook Add-in makes applying client-side email signatures incredibly simple. From just a few clicks within the Microsoft 365 Admin Center, an IT team can deploy signatures to every user within the company, wherever an employee is based.

New Outlook Add-in from Exclaimer


No matter which method you use to deploy client-side email signatures, whether it be through the Exclaimer Cloud Outlook Add-in or our Signature Update Agent, we have you covered. That’s why we offer what is the industry-standard when it comes to email signature management. And all backed up with the most comprehensive cloud security measures available.

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