More email marketing mistakes businesses make

We recently discussed some email marketing mistakes that you need to make sure your business does not make. However, we have only scratched the surface when it comes to this topic, so we’ve decided to include some more faux pas you need to avoid.

No subject line

You probably get hundreds of emails a day. How likely is it that you will read a message that has no subject line? If you want your email to be read and not seem like spam, then make sure you have a killer subject line in place before you click that Send button.

Forgetting an attachment

You’ve typed up an email and you’ve highlighted that there is a separate file attached. However, what have you forgotten to do? To actually attach the file. This is a simple mistake to make, but often we don’t realize we’ve done it until we get a confused email reply stating that the recipient can’t see the attachment.

Writing TOO much

An email needs to concise or it won’t get read. Sending a 3,000 word essay to a prospect about how great your product is will most likely bore them to tears. No one wants to have a copy of ‘War and Peace’ appear in their inbox, so make sure you make your content gets straight to the point.

Respect each other’s time

We are all very busy. The demands of the business world mean that we have to work as quickly and efficiently as possible. You need to always understand that you might not get a response to an email as quickly as you would like. The worst thing you can do is constantly harass the recipient for an answer. They might simply have not got round to reading your message. If you do send up a follow up email, make it as short and polite as possible as a way of ‘jogging’ their memory.

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