Misconceptions about email delivery

Most businesses use email for important communications. However, even though email has been around for a long time, a number of misconceptions are still in place with regards to the delivery of standard emails.

I didn’t get a bounce back notice so the email has been delivered. 

FACT: Due to blacklisting and spam reasons, many email systems turn off bounce notices.

Read receipts prove the email was delivered.

FACT: Read receipts are voluntary and need a recipient response. They are easy to forge and carry no real evidence of content.

Copying in a colleague proves the email was delivered

FACT: Just because one recipient got the email, it doesn’t mean the other did.

Printed copies of my email prove that it was delivered.

FACT: Printed email copies don’t tend to hold up in courts as there are many ways that the authenticity can be challenged.

A copy of the email is in my Sent folder.

FACT: Any email can be dragged and dropped into your Sent folder, so this has nothing to do with delivery.

In the end, you must never assume that just because you have sent an email, the intended recipient has received it. It is likely that you will have to prove the delivery of an important email at some point down the line, so never rely on the above misconceptions.

If in doubt, simply ask the recipient if they received your email.

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