Maximize your organization’s email security

Sometimes, using email can be a daunting proposition. There are ever growing online threats such as hackers, phishing scams, viruses and identity thieves. Email security needs to be a top priority for any organization.

Make sure you use these tips before an employee sends a single email:

Check your spam filter
You need to be absolutely certain that your spam filter is up and running before you start to send and receive emails. The most common way to get a virus is by downloading content from a malicious email attachment, otherwise known as malware. A spam filter will scan any email that your organization receives to ensure that they are all virus-free before any employee opens them.

Another good idea is to invest in a network-wide solution that will stop identity theft and hackers before they get a chance to do any damage.

Use encryption methods 
If you are an organization that deals with a lot of sensitive information like a law firm or bank, all data needs to remain secure through email encryption. Current encryption methods are so secure that they have been termed military grade by data security experts.

Make sure your security policy is secure
A good way to enforce email security is to train your staff in basic email usage rules and practices. This can help to avoid costly mistakes occurring. Also, make sure they know how to configure their anti-virus software and they understand the importance of setting up strong, unique passwords i.e. using alphanumeric characters instead of generic phrases and dates. Warn them of the danger of unknown email attachments and to never follow unsecured links.

A little training can go a long way to keep your organization protected from the multitude of online threats that are out there.

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