Marketing with email signatures

Think about how many emails your organization sends out a day……

Recent studies have shown that an average employee sends roughly 35 emails a day to customers, partners and stakeholders, which continues to rise every year. In a 50-person office, for example, you are looking at about 1,700 emails sent per day, or 360,000 additional marketing opportunities a year that you could be missing out on.

Convert every email into a low cost, high-volume, targeted marketing tool with email signature software.

  • Create outstanding email signature templates with dynamic content, text and imagery.
  •  Communicate your latest promotional banners to support any number of marketing campaigns e.g. special offers, forthcoming events, seasonal sales etc.
  • Add interactive social media links to all email signatures like a Twitter ‘Follow’ or a Facebook ‘Share’ link. You can even show your latest social updates with up to the second accuracy.
  • Ensure your brand looks professional and conforms to corporate guidelines.
  • Highlight company certifications and recent industry awards.

Check out our YouTube video below that shows the value to marketers of effective email signatures managed by dedicated software.

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