Make your mobile device more secure

It is safe to say that mobile devices are one of the great assets used in the modern workplace. More and more workers use smartphones  and tablets in their working life as a great way to increase productivity. However, despite all of their benefits, mobile devices can be very vulnerable to security breaches.

Many mobile devices simply suffer from a lack of security, with many users not running any type of anti-spam software, which puts them at risk of malware and spam attacks. Also, mobile devices often aren’t protected with passwords, which is common practice for a laptop or desktop computer. It is easy to forget that smartphones and tablets are actually computers that require the same level of protection as any other PC you would send business emails from.

There are ways to protect your mobile device that are simple to implement. Make sure you have a password in place that contains a mixture of letters, characters and numbers. Also, use a screen lock password which is really easy to implement. If you are connected to your company’s email system, anti-spam and anti-virus software will often be performed at the server level to protect your email on your mobile device.

These points are simple to remember and can make a big difference in preventing a massive security breach which you could be liable for.

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