Learn How to Write a Professional Email

Professional emails are written for a variety of different reasons. It might be to set up an important meeting, providing a companywide update, or simply to relay information to internal/external recipients. Learning how to write a professional email is an important skill to have and can ensure you always provide a positive representation of yourself over email.

But how do you go about doing this? Learn how to write a professional email easily with these top tips.

1. Decide on the Email’s Purpose

Before you send an email, you need to be clear as to what you want the recipient to do when they’ve read it. With this in mind, you can then ensure your message supports this action. If you are looking for the recipient to review something, make that clear and tell them what feedback you need.

2. Use a Killer Subject Line

A powerful subject line can literally make or break the success of your professional email. It needs to grab the recipient’s attention the moment they look at it and encourage them to come looking for more.

Make sure your subject line is relevant and engaging too. You will really annoy people if you have a subject line that doesn’t relate to the email content.

3. Make it Brief and Concise

When writing a professional email, it needs to get to the point quickly. All of your recipients are busy people, so they will simply not read large chunks of text and complicated content. At the same time, you need to consider your audience. If you’re emailing someone you’ve never met before, be as formal as possible.

If the email can be read at a glance, it will get higher levels of engagement even if the recipient doesn’t have the time to read it properly.

4. Create Engagement and Urgency

The recipient has to have a reason to read your email. You need to address them directly so they feel that the email has relevance to them. This will make them feel more important and encourage engagement.

At the same time, you want to make it clear that you want them to carry out an action as soon as possible. If you are running a limited time promotion, make sure you mention the expiry date frequently. A sense of urgency will push them into making a decision more quickly.

5. Have a Clear Call to Action (CTA)

Be sure that you know exactly what you want the recipient to do. Do you want them to visit your website, read your blog, make a purchase or download some marketing collateral? Whatever the action is, make it clear and make it simple to carry out this action.

Include a hyperlink, visual imagery and contact details. If you want a recipient to do something, you need to let them know exactly what it is you want them to do!

6. Use Proper Email Formatting and Etiquette

Aside from the subject line, you need to make sure your email is properly formatted and the language is courteous. Ensure you always include the following:

  • Salutation – who you are addressing, e.g. Hi Samantha, Hi Mr Green, Dear Mr Davies, etc.
  • Message body – the content of the email, which should always be friendly and polite.
  • Closing – wraps up the message
  • Email Signature – where you identify yourself, job title, and any other relevant information (this can be generated automatically by third-party solutions).

Examples of Professional Emails

Subject Line: Sales Meeting Cancelled

Hi everyone,

Due to unforeseen circumstances, our sales meeting for this afternoon has been cancelled.

Please accept my apologies for this late notice. We will reconvene for our regularly scheduled meeting early next week.

If you have any questions. please do not hesitate to contact me.

Many thanks,


Subject Line: New White Paper and Check-In

Dear Amanda,

I hope this email finds you well. I’m reaching out to you today to send you the latest white paper we have written. It focuses on how you can write a professional email and the important elements that need to be included. 

Given our previous conversations, I thought it would be sensible to send a copy of this to you. Any feedback you have would be greatly appreciated. 

Please also let me know if you are still available for our meeting next Thursday or if you need to reschedule.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,

Catherine O’Hara
Project Development Director
ABC Company Ltd

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