Integrate social media with email signatures

Think about how many emails you send out daily and weekly. Every email you send is an opportunity to connect a person with your social network and increase your social reach. Adding links to your social media accounts via email signatures is a great way to get loads of new fans for free!

If you’re not promoting your social nature through your email signatures, you are missing out on a great opportunity. Unilever added a ‘Follow’ link to their employee email signatures and went from 40,000 Followers to 235,000 in just 10 months!

Take advantage of email signatures by including social media

  • Let all your email users know you’re on social media and they can join you, quickly and easily, in a single click. The people you are already in contact with are the ones that are most likely to be active social media participants.
  • Get direct feedback through email signatures. Include a line to get customers to share their experiences through a Facebook ‘Share’ link, Twitter feed, Google+ ‘Hangout’ or LinkedIn ‘Recommendations’.
  • Adding social media links to email signatures is a great way to keep your customers up-to-date on what your business is doing while keeping it on a semi personal level.
  • Social media comments in email signatures reminds readers of your social output and why they are associated with your company in the first place.
  • All social networks help enhance your web presence and SEO rankings. As readers click on links in your organization’s email signature, search engines will more likely find you online.
  • Subtly inviting readers to join you on social media is simpler and cheaper than using paid advertising, direct marketing or on-channel endorsements.

How does Exclaimer Signature Manager help?
With dedicated email signature software, you can configure email signatures so that all your social media links are included in each email. This will add all of the official icons to relevant social networks in a single click like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube etc.

Since email signatures can be updated easily, you can include up-to-date news and invite recipients to interact with you. You can also automatically include your latest RSS post or Tweet in each email signature.

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