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Email as a familiar, well-integrated channel already has all the interaction most companies want out of social media. If you’re not promoting your social nature through your email signatures, you are missing out on a great opportunity to get loads of new fans for free and introduce your customers to your Twitter feed, Facebook page and RSS feeds.

By having social media links on all email signatures, you’re offering your target market another avenue to continue your business relationship outside of traditional communication channels.

This is where the advantage of adding social media links to your email signature comes into play. Unilever added a Follow link to their employee signatures and went from 40,000 Followers to 235,000 in just 10 months!

  • Bring your email signatures to life by adding icon links to popular social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube.
  • Keep your customers up-to-date on what your business is doing with dynamic content such as a recent Tweet or the headline of a blog post.
  • Include a line to get customers to share their experiences. For example, your sales team could show a link for LinkedIn ‘Recommendations’ on the product they’re discussing.
  • Subtly inviting customers to become fans works much better than using paid advertising, direct marketing or other endorsements.
  • Social networks help enhance your web presence and SEO rankings. As readers engage with you through links in your email signature, search engines are more likely to find you.
  • Remind readers of your social output and why they are associated with your company in the first place.

Check out our new video below to get a further idea of the benefits of bringing social media and email signatures  together.

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