Improve Remote Communication with Email Signatures

The last year has seen many businesses forced to change the way they work. More employees than ever are working from home and facing the challenges that come with it. These are primarily around remote communication and having to manage personal devices and security.

Remote working en masse has completely changed the business landscape and will continue long after the COVID-19 pandemic has passed. Here at Exclaimer, we’ve seen a rise in customers asking us how they can adapt their email signature management solutions to better suit this new way of working.

But why is this important?

The rewards on offer include effective remote communication, cost-effective marketing, and improved security. So, here’s how to go about it…

Email Signature Management

Businesses are still getting used to the demands of remote working. Everything done in the office is now remote and it’s a challenge. And getting up to speed with these new demands must be done while juggling main work responsibilities.

One of the biggest changes is in communication. We’re no longer face-to-face with colleagues and clients, instead relying mostly on emails to keep things running smoothly.

Many are worried that, outside the office, standards and consistencies may slip. In the workplace, IT managers can look after devices and make sure they contain the latest company email signatures. Now, it’s widely up to employees.

Email signature management solutions make life easier for business by managing this remotely. They’re able to monitor and update email signatures for all users – wherever they are and whatever device they’re using. Customizable email signatures can be added by team and department and whether it’s an internal or external email.

Plus, users can see their signature in-email, to make sure they’re picking the right template each time and keeping signature content consistent – even while everything else in the working world is changing.

Communicating Remotely

Remote communication and remote workingBusinesses are now relying on email more than ever to lead remote working communication. So, all business email signatures must be up-to-date and include key information.

All company email signatures should be updated with current contact details as and when they change. But it’s also a helpful space to provide extra information, like changes to working hours or even adding a link to any pandemic-related business news or resources.

Employees should understand the importance of updating their personal details whenever they change, too. But email signature management solutions make sure this isn’t left to chance.

A central email signature management solution keeps all content consistent and updated across all employee accounts, so you never miss an opportunity. Plus, emails can be easily tailored by recipient, so you get the most out of your remote communications without eating into employees’ busy schedules.

Into the Marketing Mix

Email isn’t just useful for remote team communication. Signatures can also play a part of your marketing mix. They’re highly-targeted, relevant, and cost-effective. And they offer the customization that would be much more costly via other marketing avenues.

Each of your internal teams speaks to different business leads. And it’s important that brand messaging is relevant to each one. Email signature management solutions allow signatures to be targeted by team and recipient – so, all key information, contact details, and marketing content get in front of the right audience.

These are tough times and businesses are looking to cut costs and get the greatest possible ROI for their marketing efforts. Email signature marketing represents just that. There are no extra costs when using your email signature as a marketing communication channel. You don’t have to pay more per-word or to add images. It’s low-risk, high-reward.

Eye-catching email banners draw attention to key branding and messaging and encourage people to click through to your website – and all this extra engagement comes from a channel you’re already using every day.

These signatures can also be updated and rolled out across the whole company in minutes, so it’s the perfect platform for going live with new messaging and even testing creative ideas in real-time to fine-tune campaigns.

Internal Communications

Email signatures are key in improving virtual team communication – keeping staff in-the-loop with company updates, news and branding decisions while they’re away from the office.

Instant messaging platforms are soaring thanks to the rise in remote working, but email is still dominant when it comes to employee communication.

We email colleagues multiple times a day and any important messages or announcements are always done through company emails.

Customizing internal emails with employee notices and any working from home updates keeps employees engaged. These can be personalized between teams and departments for cohesion throughout the business.

Staying Hot on Security

Security and remote communicationOne of the biggest challenges for remote businesses is managing online security. IT managers look after devices in the office, ensuring they’re fitted with the latest security software. But when the team is working remotely – often on personal devices – this becomes tricky.

Any device used for work should have the latest anti-virus and firewall software, plus the latest OS and patch updates. Businesses should offer to cover this expense for those running personal devices in order to encourage take-up across the organization.

Many businesses provide work phones and laptops for those new to remote working. Mobile Device Management (MDM) software is recommended to keep these devices safe. This gives businesses a single platform for managing and monitoring all mobile devices.

Be aware of human risks, too. Employees represent the business – especially through email – and it’s difficult to manage all out-going communication while the team is working from home.

Employees need to know the house rules for communication when representing the company. But businesses should also add email disclaimers to signatures for extra peace of mind. There have even been cases of emails being classed as legally-binding documents because they included an automated signature. This is why it’s important all outgoing emails include relevant disclaimers.

Managing this through a single solution means everyone has the same signature when sending from any device. So, you can be sure contact details are updated and a full email disclaimer is in place.

Businesses should also preach the importance of online security best practice. Breaches are often simple mistakes, with employees not even realising they’re putting their device and the business at risk.

Simple techniques and tools like using VPNs and encouraging strong, unique passwords across all business accounts add an extra layer of security to confidential business data.

Using email archiving solutions then keeps all remote communication secure in one place for reference.

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