Improve Employee Engagement by Utilizing Effective Internal Email Signatures

Constant communication within an organization is necessary to ensure all employees are  always up to date with important business goals, company news, and corporate culture. But this is not something that is easy to do consistently.

The challenge we all have as employees is that we are all busy, all the time. In fact, according to LexisNexis, 51% of white-collar workers believe they are almost at “breaking point” when it comes to information overload. They simply can’t process all the constant communications they receive on a daily basis.

So, how do you actually ensure all employees know and are aware of important company announcements and policies that have a direct impact on them? It’s difficult enough when you consider the sheer volume of information they receive daily (via email, social, intranet traffic etc.), but becomes even more challenging if staff are based in multiple locations and/or different countries, or when a particular situation is constantly changing and the corresponding guidance needs updating instantly.

So, what is the solution? Well, what’s the one thing that all employees have in common? They all have access to email and the majority of staff use it to communicate with each other every day. But as we’ve already established, sending email announcements doesn’t necessarily work. You need a more discreet method of getting your employees’ attention without feeling the need to constantly hassle them. That’s where the use of an internal email signature with dedicated and relevant messaging can be used to empower employees, increase engagement, and provides meaningful content.


Improve internal communication

With internal email signatures, you can reiterate a message without ever irritating your staff. You can have a message that’s visible all day, every day. As readers perceive the signature messaging passively, there’s no phone to pick up or invite to open. You’re not making huge demands or asking them to sacrifice their time.

To put this into perspective, imagine the number of emails that can inform a conversation. If you see five emails in quick succession and each one contains a subtle message attached to the signature, you’re be more likely to interact or engage with it. Each message then becomes a simple reminder.

If there is a simple line of text, they’ll subconsciously remember the messaging. If there’s a promotional banner, the imagery will leave an impression. The repetitive nature of seeing something over and over again is likely to leave an impression on employees. Like advertising, the more they see the message you want them to see, the more likely they are to take an action off of it.


Focus on wider events

These email signatures don’t necessarily have to focus just on the internal messages of your company. They can also be used to highlight important global events. Take the current coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, which is having a huge impact on people on a micro and macro level. Many companies are looking at different ways to keep employees informed of the often-daily developments surrounding this viral outbreak. Senior management teams want to keep their staff healthy while ensuring that everyone follows important updates announced by governments and medical professionals.

Simple, but unobtrusive, reminders in employee email signatures telling them the latest updates, what situations to avoid, or if they are required to self-isolate are all possible within an email signature.  An organization can implement health messages on all email signatures, irrespective of which office an employee is based in. An internal email signature can also be linked to news sites such as the WHO’s (World Health Organization) rolling updates on coronavirus disease (COVID-19) to make sure everyone is up-to-date with the latest developments. Here, a company can provide critical advice, but not in a manner that is seen to be overbearing.


10 Ways to Capitalize on Internal Email Signature Communications

Here are 10 ways that you can increase employee engagement through the use of internal email signatures.


1. Working environment practices

Ensure all employees are aware of current health and safety regulations. Tell staff what is expected of them on a constant basis so that it becomes second nature.


2. Job opportunities

Promote new job vacancies to current staff members before recruiting externally. Tell everyone quickly when new opportunities in different departments become available,


3. Important company announcements

Easily inform everyone about important company news. Make sure everyone knows what’s going on and how it might impact them.


4. Employee reminders

Provide general reminders for all staff e.g. turning computers off at night, checking whether a meeting room is booked before entering, etc. Get staff to take important actions willingly without nagging them.


5. Training opportunities

Increase enrollment in company training programs and initiatives. Highlight appropriate certifications that employees can partake in as part of their professional development.


6. Company benefits and enrollments

Remind employees to enroll in new company benefit schemes. Inform them of new company entitlements like staff discounts that they should sign up for.


7. Charity and local community initiatives

Increase volunteer numbers for your company’s chosen charity. Offer an easy way for employees to donate their time and money.


8. New internal services & apps

Ask staff to use new tools that will help them with their working day. Showcase the latest apps designed to make their lives easier.


9. Latest content

Tell everyone about the latest white paper your company has written. Get additional views on important videos. Ask staff to review proof-of-concept materials and get their feedback quickly.


10. Staff recognition

Get employees to vote on the best performing members of your company. Make sure people are given the chance to recognize those who have gone above and beyond.



You need to ensure that your staff, your target audience, are positively engaged with your brand, thereby turning them into company advocates. However, getting this advocacy can prove difficult if employees are low on time or are not aware of important company news.

With a dedicated internal email signature, you don’t have to work as hard to get your employees’ attention. They will see the content appear at the bottom of every corporate email they send internally. And by seeing this content repeatedly, they are subconsciously being asked to take an action without being forced to. The signature can focus on simple prompts like reminding people to wash their hands to minimize their exposure to the coronavirus or a large company announcement that has huge ramifications for your business operations such as telling everyone to work from home. The larger your company is, the more essential the email signature channel becomes. Staff may be stationed miles apart in separate buildings and countries; a small message under their email can be an effective way to reach all of them whether they are in the office or out in the field.

Signatures are trusted, relevant, and contain valuable content. It becomes easy to control the context in which they appear and highly target the messaging, ensuring appropriate actions are carried out by employees.

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