Important Questions for Your Email Marketing Checklist

Your data list has been cleaned, you’ve created a fantastic email creative and you are ready to send out your campaign.

However, before you send anything, make sure you ask the following questions and add any additional points to your email marketing checklist.

Is your subject line responsive?

Test your subject line on a variety of devices, email clients and browsers to make sure that none of the email gets cut off in the various preview screens. Make the first few words the most powerful in order to drive higher clickthroughs.

For example, if you are running a special offer or a holiday promotion, you’ll want to make sure that recipients understand this right from the very beginning.

Have you considered a personal subject line?

According to a New Yes Lifecycle Marketing report, personalized subject lines boost open rates by 50%. That’s quite an increase! However, do keep in mind that if you’ve used first names in your subject lines before, they won’t be as effective a second time.

Analyze your data carefully and look at other information such as the customer’s last purchase or the geographical region they are located in.

Have you proofread your content?

We all make spelling mistakes from time to time. It seems that the most common words that people misspell are:

  • necessary
  • cooperation
  • acknowledgement
  • accommodate

Make sure that you use your spell checker and, if in doubt, get a colleague to proof your copy for spelling/grammatical mistakes. A fresh pair of eyes can be very helpful when looking at your copy, especially if you have been working on it for a long time and it becomes easy to glance over mistakes.

Do all the weblinks work?

Test all the links in your message to make sure that they are clickable and lead to the correct landing page. Doing this manually is often the best option, but you can also use tools like Litmus to automatically test every link for you. This can be very helpful if you are on a tight schedule.

Have you tested your email content?

A good habit to get in to is using multi-variate testing (A/B or A/X testing) to a small portion of your data list before sending it to everyone. Some things to test are frequency, call-to-action (placement, design, color etc.) and sender name (sending from the company vs sending from an individual).

Are you sending the email at the right time?

Even if you haven’t done a frequency test, as mentioned above, it is always wise to look through past data and discover which times your customers are most active.

For example, if you are sending to an international audience, segment your list so that they go out at the optimal times for those regions. Customize your send time in all instances to maximize your ROI.

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