How to find the best email archiving solution

Email is such a common form of communication that the need for structure and storage space is massive . This is where email archiving comes into play. Every organization needs to invest in an email archiving solution at some point, so it goes without saying that everyone wants to make sure that they get the best on the market.

Email archiving varies from company to company and some industries will have different needs compared to others. However, there is some criteria that is applicable to all industries.

Simplicity of us

In essence, you want an email archiver to simplify the way that your company’s emails are stored and make them easy to access. If the archiver is difficult to use and really complicated, then it’s not doing its job very well. The best email archiving solutions are ones that are easy-to-use.

Advanced search capabilities 

Another key function of an email archiving solution is allowing you to manage email records. You want to be able to find that critical message quickly and easily, especially if it is for eDiscovery purposes. Therefore, it’s vital that any email archiving solution you choose has powerful and advanced search capabilities.

Value for money

This is often the main criteria for every purchase your company makes. The value for money that email archiving brings is from the long-term costs. For example, if you’re involved in a legal case, you might find that an email audit by a third party is a cheaper one-off cost. However, if you’re involved in two or three cases, or another lawsuit is brought against you in the future, email archiving will definitely be cheaper as you only have to pay one upfront cost for installation or a simple monthly subscription.

In the end, you know what your company needs and you have to decide what aspects of email archiving are most important. Still, every company wants to purchase the most powerful, cost-effective and easy-to-use email archiving solution on the market. A good place to start is to look into intelligently priced archiving for Microsoft Exchange.

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