Exclaimer Signature Manager vs Microsoft Outlook

Exclaimer Signature Manager Outlook Edition is perfect for all organizations that use Microsoft Outlook.

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Works with many different message formats

Signature Manager Outlook Edition is designed to easily add different email signatures for different mail formats such as HTML, RTF and plain text.

With this software, IT administrators can create and configure various email signatures, marketing messages and template designs for each format.

Social media elements

If you add images like social media icons to an email signature in Outlook, these will not be embedded into the signature as the program recognizes them as separate elements. That means every recipient that gets an email with this signature will see all images as attachments.

Signature Manager Outlook Edition comes complete with a ‘social media strip’ which is a pre-made and customizable strip of interactive social media buttons, such as a Twitter ‘Follow’ or a Facebook ‘Share’ link. Also, it allows you to display your latest social media update like a Tweet or blog post.

Roll out across your entire network

Without the use of dedicated email signature software, IT administrators often have to visit every user’s machine to ensure that they update their email signature correctly. This is usually very time-consuming.

Signature Manager Outlook Edition does not require any local installs or additional add-ins to run. An administrator can simply design the email signature or disclaimer and then send an update out to all users in a single click.

Test and review all email policies

Exclaimer Signature Manager Outlook Edition lets administrators preview any email signature based on Active Directory Groups, OU or any other attribute. Fields get completed using AD data and the comprehensive rule tester allows for all email signatures to be tested thoroughly before deployment.

The software includes a ‘Policy Tester’ which provides a graphical interface of who gets what email signature and why.

Add promotional banners

Let Signature Manager Outlook Edition help you promote events, sales promotions and activities with your email signature.

Use date-based rules to add a banner for an upcoming promotion or event, then automatically remove/update it where needed.

Use the dedicated ‘Campaign Manager’ feature to create a promotional banner that will appear in your email signature for a set period of time, then will automatically be removed.

Let employees choose the right email signature for different purposes

Exclaimer Signature Manager Outlook Edition lets users adjust email signatures to suit replies by saving ones as Outlook’s default reply signature. To adjust the signature content further, they are allowed to manually select an email signature from Outlook’s drop-down menu.

The software also allows users to control the font and format of their email signatures and is the perfect choice for organizations that do not use a Microsoft Exchange server.

See Signature Manager Outlook Edition and learn how to create fantastic email signatures for all Outlook users.

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