Exclaimer Signature Manager vs Microsoft Exchange

If you use Microsoft Exchange to send emails, you need Exclaimer Signature Manager Exchange Edition

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Advanced HTML skills are not required

There is no HTML editor built into Microsoft Exchange. This means that any email signatures or disclaimers you create via Exchange will not be as effective. Also, it can’t embed images, so you’re not able to add your logo, social media icons, web banners etc.

Signature Manager Exchange Edition comes with a powerful HTML editor, allowing you to create email signature templates with ease that can be deployed with high quality imagery.

Works with many different message formats

Whether you are using HTML, RTF or plain text, Signature Manager Exchange Edition lets you add email signatures no matter what mail format you are using.

Additionally, IT administrators have the ability to configure and deploy different email signatures and disclaimers with various template designs and marketing messages.

Employees can see their email signatures and disclaimers

With Exchange, a Microsoft Outlook user can’t see any added email signatures or disclaimers as they are added to an email when it passes through the Exchange server.

Signature Manager Exchange Edition lets email users see their email signature and corporate disclaimer within the Sent Items of their inbox, giving them visual confirmation of the processed email.

Email conversations

Exchange can’t detect if there is an email signature or disclaimer already present within an email. This can be lead to email conversations getting flooded with disclaimers and signatures.

Signature Manager Exchange Edition inserts an email signature and disclaimer if they are not already present in an email, so there is no replication during long email chains.

Test and review all email policies

If you are just using Exchange, IT administrators can’t get a preview of the email signature and disclaimer that will be applied to all emails. The only way to complete the process would be to send a real email so you can see what an email signature or disclaimer will look like.

Signature Manager Exchange Edition lets administrators preview any email signature complete with specific user data from Active Directory.

The dedicated email signature software also includes a ‘Policy Tester’ which gives the ability to see a visual representation of all created policies and content applied to an email message.

Let marketing design their own email templates

Designed to give marketing control over email signature designs, Template Editor is the perfect complement to Signature Manager Exchange Edition. The software lets a marketing department create, edit and manage email signature templates without having to access the Exchange server.

Watch our comprehensive video demonstration on how to use Exclaimer Signature Manager Exchange Edition for email signatures.

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