New Signature Manager Office 365 Edition Launch

We have just released Signature Manager Office 365 Edition v1.0.2 with some new updates.

If you are a Signature Manager Office 365 Edition customer, download the new version today by visiting the Exclaimer website.

Download updated version now >>


  • The Application impersonation PowerShell script is now compatible with the “Small Business Premium” Office 365 plan. Previously, a customer using this plan was unable to execute this Powershell script, preventing completion of the First Use Wizard.
  • The Outlook Signature Update Agent MSI installation no longer requires elevation to run. This means that Administrative credentials are not necessary to run the application.
  • The Outlook Signature Update Agent does not incorrectly check for new signatures once at runtime in certain scenarios. This had caused the application to exit and not receive any signature updates.
  • Plain text signature file encoding is now set to UNICODE and not UTF-8, so all characters will display correctly.
  • The Auto Discover functionality comes with a retry mechanism whenever timeouts occur connecting to Office 365.

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