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Welcome to Exclaimer’s Partner of the Month, where we showcase some of our key partners who are going above and beyond to sell Exclaimer solutions to their customers.

Our Partner of the Month for December 2018 is Prodata, one of the leading value-added distributors in South Africa. We chatted to Jay Bradley, Founder & Managing Director of Prodata, about the company and how it works with Exclaimer.

Who is Prodata?

“Prodata has been providing specialized hardware and software solutions across Africa and the surrounding Indian Ocean Islands for about 25 years now. We have also recently opened an office in the UK. We provide numerous services such as system integrations, corporate solutions, software development, consulting and distribution. Our business model is based on building long-term client relationships, so we aim to offer our customers true value propositions over a long period of time.”

Why did you partner with Exclaimer?

“We had built an email signature software solution for Linux back in 2006. At the time, we were getting many requests from our customers’ to manage their corporate email signatures. At the time, we didn’t know there were other software vendors out there offering a similar proposition. However, when we did some research, we came across Exclaimer.

After seeing what it had to offer, we felt that its software was much more advanced than ours was. We then saw an opportunity to offer Exclaimer’s software to our clients and so set up a meeting with Andrew Millington and Chris Crawshay, Exclaimer’s founders. After positive business discussions, Prodata would become Exclaimer’s primary distributor in South Africa. This saw the beginning of our partnership.”

What do you like about working with Exclaimer?

“Exclaimer lets us go further than just selling its software, letting us truly be a collaborative partner. The team listen to what we have to say and we’ve invested a lot of time in ensuring Exclaimer has become a well-known brand across Africa. I think that Exclaimer builds really great value-added solutions that are easy-to-sell. This is especially true when you bundle them with other products around the Microsoft product stack. We truly live the Exclaimer brand and will always go above and beyond to sell its products.”

Tell us one interesting fact about partnering with Exclaimer

“We’ve carried out beta tests for Exclaimer’s QA team and have taken part in the development of various Exclaimer solutions. This has helped us make a success out of selling its products to the African market. We feel that we have been instrumental in Exclaimer’s company growth through our very fruitful business partnership and we would never choose to work with another email signature software provider.”

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