Exclaimer Partner of the Month – eNerds

Welcome to Exclaimer’s Partner of the Month, where we showcase some of our key partners who are going above and beyond to sell Exclaimer solutions to their customers.

For January 2019, we turn our eyes to premier managed service provider eNerds™. We sat down with Tristan Warner, CEO and Co-Founder of eNerds about why he decided to become an Exclaimer Partner to offer an email signature management solution to his customers.

Tell us about eNerds

“eNerds was founded by my brother and I back in 2000. We’ve now grown as a company to incorporate more than 40 employees based in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane and an additional back office network setup operation in Sri Lanka. We provide a range of 24/7 services from consulting, cloud services, IT support, internet and procurement, making us a leader in the IT service provider space. We’ve also won the SMB Partner of the Year award in the ARN ICT Industry Awards for 3 years in a row, a fantastic accolade that reflects the hard work of all of the eNerds family.”

Why did you partner with Exclaimer?

“Before deciding to sell Exclaimer solutions, we’d been receiving numerous requests from our customers about designing and managing their email signatures, something we did not want to do manually. This was back at a time when most companies were predominantly using on-premises Exchange. When we saw what Exclaimer had to offer, we saw a gap in the market we could fill with its email signature management solutions, so decided to become an Exclaimer Partner. As more and more of our customers have moved to Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365), we’ve been really thankful that Exclaimer has put a lot of time and effort into creating an email signature solution built specifically for this platform.”

What do you like about working with Exclaimer?

“Exclaimer’s solutions make it really easy for our customers to update their signatures as and when they need to. We tend to find it easy to offer Exclaimer as an additional monthly service as many of our customers have been working with us for years. Selling Exclaimer this way provides a great additional source of revenue for us that we can just add as an extra line item on a customer’s monthly invoice. In a nutshell, being an Exclaimer Partner provides us with additional revenue, the selling process is really straightforward and teaching customers how to use it is simple.”

Is there any other insight you’d like to add?

“When you take a look at IT support requests surrounding email signature updates, having the ability to manage all signatures via Exclaimer’s products makes an otherwise laborious task very easy. A lot of IT professionals still don’t know there are third-party solutions out there, so having Exclaimer in our portfolio makes it an easy upsell when it comes to email signature management for Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365).”

How Exclaimer Can Help:

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