Exclaimer & Microsoft’s New Outlook for Windows Signature Feature

Microsoft are currently developing a new feature in Outlook for Windows Desktop that will allow email signatures to be stored within a user’s mailbox rather than on a local device. This means that a user’s personal signature will be available when accessing Outlook for Windows from a different desktop device. This feature will be enabled by default for all tenants in August 2020.

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We want to assure everyone that this will not affect the functionality of Exclaimer’s email signature management solutions in any way and there will be no impact to our customer/partner experience.

Exclaimer has been directly working with the Microsoft product team for some time and we are thoroughly prepared for this change. We will shortly be delivering an update to our client-side signature agent that will ensure our feature rich client-side functionality continues to operate. We will be providing more information on this shortly.

Since the client-side signature functionality Exclaimer provides is significantly more feature-rich than this new offering from Microsoft, no customer or partner will notice any change to their current signature behaviour.

It is also worth noting that Microsoft’s new feature will not sync signatures outside of Outlook for Windows, e.g. non-Windows mobiles and tablets, CRMs like Salesforce etc.

With Exclaimer email signature management solutions, you can:

  • Centrally design and manage email signatures for your entire organization
  • Get signatures on all web-enabled devices and email clients
  • Deliver consistent branding via email every time
  • Create templates easily using an intuitive drag-and-drop signature designer
  • Give different signatures to different users and/or departments
  • Run dedicated email signature marketing campaigns
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If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at [email protected].

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