Exclaimer Email Alias Manager for Exchange 1.0.4 released

We have just released Exclaimer Email Alias Manager for Exchange version 1.0.4.

If you have a valid SMA (Software Maintenance Agreement), download your update below:

Download the latest version now >>

Fixed Issues

  • Aliases were not available for selection in the Add-in when network connectivity was lost.
  • Outlook dialog was hidden when using the Save and Send feature in Outlook 2010.
  • Saved message files (.msg) could not be opened with the Add-in installed.
  • Original senders email address was present in the internet headers.
  • Outlook Add-in certificate had expired.
  • Messages that were updated on the Exchange server did not display the updated content when the Add-in was installed.

New Features and changes

  • Outlook 2016 support.
  • Implemented the ability to override the LDAP root string. Aliases can be obtained from a different Domain Controller via a registry entry. This is achieved by creating a new String value named LDAPRootString in the following location HKLM\Software\Exclaimer Ltd\Email Alias Manager\ and setting the value to the required connection string. For example, LDAP://
  • Removed the prerequisite of Visual Studio Tools for Office being installed for the Add-in.

Read the release notes >>