Exclaimer Cloud New Feature Release

We have just released new features to Exclaimer Cloud. These are now live on the service.

Signature rules tester (server-side only)

The new signature rules tester allows you to see which signature will be applied for certain users when sending an email to a specific recipient (e.g. a reply email to an external recipient). Use this feature to see why a signature was added based on the rules you have applied.

See how to use this feature here >>

Multiple signatures on a single message (server-side only)

Exclaimer Cloud now comes with the ability to apply/stack multiple signatures on a single message. This feature can be used to add a signature block to a message made up of several differing components.

For example, use the contact details signature for everyone in the organization, then append a promotional banner signature only for the sales team, and finally append a regional disclaimer signature (e.g. one for the UK team and one for the US team) on messages only for external recipients.

Learn more about this feature here >>

Additional Azure AD attributes (Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) only)

For customers using Azure AD Connect, you can now use any attribute from your local AD synchronized via AAD Connect, including custom attributes that you’ve created in your local AD schema.

Watch this video to see how to use Additional AD Attributes >>

Try out the new features now!

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