Emails and mobile devices

If you only ever design your emails with desktop users in mind, we hate to say it but you’re wasting a lot of time. You are basically alienating over half of your audience by ignoring the mobile market.

People check their emails wherever and whenever they can now. With the prevalence of smartphones and tablets, we can all check our emails whenever we are out of the office, eating our lunch, on our daily commutes and even while we are lying in bed.  You have to make sure that all of your email campaigns are designed to be mobile friendly. Here are some good tips to get you started if you’re not quite sure what you are supposed to be doing:

Simplicity is key

Make the font as clear as possible (no Comic Sans!) and at a size that is easy to read on a mobile screen. At the same time, keep all images small. Large images can be slow to load and can cause serious formatting issues, which will immediately put recipients off. Ignoring this advice is a sure fire way to get your email deleted.

Get to the point

If a person is checking their emails on their mobile, they don’t have the time to read reams of text and the equivalent of an email dissertation. The average time people spend reading a message on a mobile is considerably less than on desktop devices.

Make your message as concise as possible without losing the impact you are trying to make. A clear call to action will make your email more compelling. If you really need to go content heavy, then you can put a more in-depth version of your message on your website or blog.

Think before you add weblinks

Don’t put links too close together. Remember that the recipient will be navigating and clicking with their thumb. If they are using a small screen, it can become too easy for them to click on the wrong link, which will most likely annoy a person you are trying to entice with your email marketing campaign.

Focus on mobile AND desktop

The easiest way to ensure that your email campaign is mobile friendly is to create a mobile version. That way, no matter how a recipient views your message, they’ll see the best version for the device that they are using.