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If you want to create, manage, update and control Office 365 email signatures easily, be it for one user, a department or a whole organization, you’ll find there is no better way than with Exclaimer Cloud – Signatures for Office 365.

Representing the next generation of email signature management services, companies from all over the world are rapidly choosing Signatures for Office 365 for total control over Office 365 email signatures. Let’s show you why:

The future of Office 365 email signature management

Signatures for Office 365 is a cloud-based email signature management service that uses a browser-based user interface that is incredibly simple to use. This makes Signatures for Office 365 accessible and easy to navigate, two essential traits needed for any email signature management tool:

  • Signatures for Office 365 is entirely cloud-based.
  • Signatures for Office 365 adds signatures to all email sent from any device, including mobiles and Macs.
  • Signatures for Office 365 requires no installations or downloads.
  • Signatures for Office 365 gives you an intuitive web portal to work from.
  • Signatures for Office 365 requires no specialist IT or HTML skills to operate.
  • Signatures for Office 365 saves you hours of time by not having to use PowerShell commands or Office 365 Transport Rules.
  • Signatures for Office 365 lets you use different signature templates for individual users or various groups/departments.
  • Signatures for Office 365 gives users consistent signatures for all email with auto-completed details pulled from your Office 365 Directory, Active Directory or Azure AD.

With a wide choice of professionally designed email signature templates as your start point and an intuitive editor that lets you customize key elements and choose what information to include, you can create beautiful signatures with your own brand logo, images and color scheme. Signatures for Office 365 also allows for easy management of specific email signature elements including social media icons, promotional banners and legal disclaimers.

Need more convincing? Well, Signatures for Office 365 was crowned one of the best innovations at the Microsoft World Partner Conference (WPC 2015) in Orlando last week by Infoworld. Check out the article here.

Still not sure?

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Does your business use Office 365?
  • Are you struggling with Office 365 email signatures?
  • Do you want to be able to manage Office 365 email signatures from one central, easily accessible location?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then you need Signatures for Office 365. When it comes to the creation, distribution and management of professional Office 365 email signatures, you won’t find a better solution than Signatures for Office 365.

Do yourself a favor and stop making designing and controlling Office 365 email signatures harder than it has to be. Try a 14-day free trial today of Exclaimer Cloud – Signatures for Office 365 and see the future of Office 365 email signature management for yourself!

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